Deanship of Student Affairs

Deanship Of Students Affairs

Dr. Monther Nassrallah, The Dean of the Students Affairs.

Welcome dear cadets-male and female

I devoted my power to deal with every obstacle or problem facing the cadets, I always try to facilitate the matters to achieve your academic journey. The door is open for all to interact and communicate in order to develop the cadets’ services at the university. Our ambitions and objectives in the deanship are many and various for the cadet’s benefits and interests.

The philosophy of all deanships of students affairs at all universities based on looking after the university students as the basic component in the educational process. We, in the deanship of students affairs at IU, from the university strategy and educational mission, and under the guidance of the university president, seek to direct the efforts and set all the possibilities to develop the educational process, improve the performance, and look after the cadets from the psychological, social, mental, physical aspects, as well as every issue related to the educational process. Moreover, we offer the appropriate services effectively and efficiently.

The cadets’ serving is the ultimate and main goal. The services presented to the cadets are not exclusive inside the university, but they include preparing them for the work market through improving the quality of the graduates for meeting the changes of the market.

Finally, we ask God to help us to achieve our aims perfectly. We also ask Him to bless our cadets and help them to achieve their noble goals and aims.


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